One of a kind custom art pieces

A close up of a mosaic art piece made with green glass and beads.

About Me

A stained glass nautilus made of blue glass and mirror.

My Mediums

I work with paint and metal, but my main body of work at this time is with mosaic. I love to work with natures colors, treasures, shapes and forms. They are familiar and offer an endless supply of inspiration. 

A photo of the artist, Kelly Tayler

My Background

I grew up in Canada, and moved to Northern California when I was a teenager to go to an arts based school.   I enjoy exploring almost every art medium, learning new techniques and working with people and businesses to create one of a kind pieces. 

 mosaic art piece made with neutral colors. The mosaic is made of stone, glass, beads, mirror, tile

How to commission a one of a kind piece

Do you have a garden space that needs an artistic sculpture, metal screen, or gate? Or a kitchen or bathroom that is screaming for a WOW factor? Or are you looking for some fine art for your home or office? 

Get in contact with me so that we can make your dream a reality! I am happy to help with ideas, work with your inspiration, or create something just for you. 

Please check out my Instagram or facebook to see more photos and what I'm currently working on.